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Paris Mystery

Paris is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, widely known for its art and its extraordinary architecture that stands out with several monumental buildings. However, many rich people live in this city, and, unfortunately, it is also full of those who want to get a lot of money, but in a dishonest way. It is about the thieves who daily expose the residents of Paris to the danger of theft.
Just such a theft took place in a wealthy suburb of Paris. On that occasion, Detective Chandler visited this beautiful city, with the task of discovering the thieves behind this robbery.
And like any other robbery, the investigation involves looking for various evidence that would lead us to certain traces related to the criminals. If we carefully collect the evidence, we will be closer to the truth and, of course, to the thieves. So, let's not waste time and help Detective Chandler in his latest case. It will also be a wonderful trip to the most beautiful city in the world, so let's see what to expect there.

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