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Treasure Palace

They arrived in the time of the pharaohs and great rulers, in the salary of the great Pharaoh. His palace is magnificent, and it houses countless wealth, and that's why he has a large army of servants and guards who care for him, and also guard his wealth.
Akila is one of the main assistants of the Pharaoh, a woman of trust in whom the great Pharaoh believes. Today, she has the task to arrive at the palace where the Pharaoh keeps his wealth and finds the valuable objects of the Pharaoh that he needs to have today. It is about a large space, and Akila needs help in her search, and that's why she calls her good friend Bennu to help her in this search. The two friends are here, on the spot, and start searching.
This work will be really interesting because Pharaoh has many valuable objects that are interesting to see. After all, we don't see something like that every day.Let's join in this interesting adventure and help the girls.

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