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Bustling Bazaar

Of course, most of us buy fruits and vegetables from supermarkets. For some, it is the only place to buy vegetables or fruits, but it is true that once upon a time, bazaars were the places where we all bought fresh products, produced from small family farms.
Grandpa Steven, together with his grandchildren Amy and Ryan, arrives at Steven's favorite market. It's almost like an old-school market like it used to be - with open-air stalls where small private landowners sell their products. Grandpa Steven wanted to show his grandchildren this beautiful market and teach them to choose quality products correctly. And here, there is a lot to be found because everything is fresh and produced with a lot of love.
Grandpa Steven gave his grandchildren a list of products and items they should find at this market. Let's see what can be found at the market and help Amy and Ryan with their porch. I'm sure those two will be grateful to their grandfather.

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