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It is very unfair to put someone's life in danger deliberately, but some people are uncompromising and do all kinds of immoral, even criminal, things to achieve some personal goal. Detectives face such situations and solve such cases every day.
Patrick is a detective who works on a very interesting case. That is. the case is very serious, so it is interesting because it is complex. It's about an attempt to kill the Formula 1 driver. Namely, it was discovered, that the vehicle this driver was supposed to drive, was sabotaged. Someone intentionally damaged the car's brakes, and if the driver's crew did not react in time, he would have been dead for sure
Now, Patrick has a very serious task ahead of him, and whoever is found to be a suspect, will face serious charges and will receive a very high sentence. And everyone can be suspect. Maybe we put the opposing team in the first place, but maybe it's someone from the same team, jealous or bribed by someone. However, it is not fair to speculate, so let's roll up our sleeves and start looking for evidence.

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