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Gate to Mystery

Although they are engaged in illegal activities, criminals are usually very cunning people who skillfully know how to get out of the situation. That is why, many times they have been wanted by the authorities for a long time, and some manage to escape the law completely.
Detectives Olivia and Tom have been successfully tracking an escaped prisoner for some time. They were on the verge of catching him when things took a turn for the worse. The detectives, together with their team, come to the airport where this prisoner escaped under mysterious circumstances. What happened is the following. Just like in the movies, the prisoner with a changed identity manages to get past airport security and enter one of the airport's gates. After that, all trace of him is lost, he is not seen entering any of the planes. The detectives and their team question each other, what could have happened, how did the prisoner manage to disappear without a trace?
However, Olivia and Tom have solved many cases, so they are sure to solve this one as well. They, just have to get inside the criminal's mind to predict his next move.

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