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Grand Hotel Intrigue

It's no secret that many marriages go through a crisis at some point. Life in a community, no matter how much we know and get along with each other, can become very difficult at times, so we often need our own space. For some people, that personal space can also mean time spent with someone other than their spouse. They even decide to create another, parallel life that doesn't have all the disadvantages they face in marriage, and so on in a circle...
Some problems are also happening in Mrs. Rebecca's marriage. It's not clear to her what's going on with her husband and why he spends so much time outside their home. She hires private detective Edward to find out what has been happening to her husband lately.
Specifically, for half a year, Rebecca's husband is often outside than in his home, so she begins to suspect that he is cheating on her. Unable to find out what is happening with her husband, she hires Edward to find evidence related to it.

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