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Bosporus Mystery

And today, we will meet two adventurers who love to visit new destinations. For them, adventure is the basic thing in life, something like food, as a source of energy, so they don't miss enriching their experience with something new. What is their real passion is traveling around the world to explore the mysteries of certain places, and indeed, they discover many interesting things. Traveling with a travel agency is not an option for them, because they always want to discover what is hidden from the public.
This time, they decided to walk through an oriental country, in Turkey, and visit the beautiful city of Istanbul. According to their knowledge, it is here that a mystery is hidden that needs to be investigated. This mystery is related to the famous Bosporus Canal.
Let's join our heroes in this adventure and see what it's all about. This will be a really interesting experience and an opportunity to learn something about the Bosporus Canal.

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