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Steam City Quest

If the rich and their children come first when it comes to kidnapping and blackmail, scientists are probably second. They may not have that much money, but their inventions can be a source of income, sometimes very big and long-term.
Today's game involves an investigation related to the kidnapping of one of the greatest scientists in Steam City. This case is assigned to Detective Jonathan, who begins his investigation accompanied by two residents of Steam City, Angela and Melissa. Jonathan intends to investigate the place where the missing scientist was last seen and find as much evidence as possible. Angela and Melissa are here because they know the terrain very well and know where to lead the detective.
Let's join the team in charge of searching the field and find as much evidence as possible that will lead us to the truth - what exactly happened to the scientist? Did someone kidnap him to blackmail him, or did the detective simply need some time for himself?!

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