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Cursed Manor

Today, we are again in a fantasy world, and once again, we face challenges that we do not have in our everyday lives. There is a talk about vampires, and not only about vampires but also about certain places that are cursed and propagating vampires.
Now, we meet three brave characters - Laura, Ryan, and Sharon, who decide to visit the cursed property, belonging to the last vampire in their country. Someone else would have probably been scared and given this responsibility to someone else, but our characters are brave and are not scared by the vampire. However, they don't want to enter into a conflict with him, just to ask him to leave their country peacefully.
The reason is clear and simple, people are afraid to walk and pass through the woods where this vampire lives. Maybe something terrible didn't happen, but it's simply not easy to go to a place that we know was inhabited by a vampire, right?Let's look at the whole situation and help Laura, Ryan, and Sharon in their mission.

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