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Firefighter Hero

There are noble professions that are much more than an ordinary job. We are talking about doctors, firefighters, and other similar professions whose activity sometimes does not end when the working hours are over because they are always there to help. Gary, for example, is a retired firefighter who, although no longer on the job, has never lost the need and will to help anyone in need.
This morning, there was an accident in Gary's neighborhood. Gary's neighbor's house caught fire, and he, along with the other firefighters, went into action to save as much as possible from the fire. He didn't think for a moment before taking the initiative and embarking on something always associated with some risk, no matter how prepared and up to the task a certain firefighter is. Gary's experience is vast, but there is always some risk when fighting fire.
Let's get involved in this humanitarian rescue mission and help Gary, as well as the other firefighters, to put an end to the fire that engulfed the neighbor's house.

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