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Beneath the Waves

Today, get ready for an underwater adventure but be prepared to spend some time on a desert island for a while. No, don't think about what to bring with you on a desert island visit. Simply, indulge in the adventure and see what awaits you here.
First, we will meet the pirates Thomas and Sandra. They, sailing their ship, anchored near a deserted island. Although this visit was not intentional, what they found was something every pirate dreams of. They noticed quite by accident that a sunken treasure was hidden right under their ship. All of the crew are overjoyed by this sudden discovery and can't wait to explore the entire underwater space to discover exactly how much treasure is hidden here beneath the waves.
Let's explore this underwater territory and help our pirates in their mission. What is hidden under their ship, even if it turns out not to be some untold treasure, will in any case be a great discovery. So let's not waste our time but explore carefully what is hidden under the ship.

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