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Room 207

The detectives chose a stressful job, we can all agree on that. Every day, they investigate criminal cases, look for evidence and traces of some not-so-nice events, and try to get to the truth at any cost. Only in this way, justice can be satisfied and everyone takes their responsibility, including being punished for the committed crime.
Detective Andrew is on a mission. He has solved countless cases in his career, but no one has managed to get used to entering new cases without a certain amount of emotion. Especially if it's a case similar to the latest one. Namely, it is about a dead body found in room 207 in a small motel near the highway. What makes the case cruel, is that it was noted that the victim was shot from a close distance. As always, when solving such cases, Andrew needs to investigate the whole area in detail, and obtain a sufficient amount of evidence, so he can discover who is behind this murder.
Let's get involved in this investigation and help the detective do his job faster.

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