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We can't tell you for sure where this forest is, but yes, it does exist, and it's called Sparklewood. This forest is truly a wonderful place, but there is one part of the forest that has a weird energy. It is about some strange magic that gives the inhabitants of this place longevity. No one can explain what this longevity is due to, what it is that gives the residents of Sparklewood such a long life, but it is believed that this longevity is due to some magical items that can be found here.
The forest fairy, Evelyn, and her father, the wizard Richard, come to Sparklewood. They are here precisely because of the secret of the residents. They want to find the magical objects hidden in this forest and find out if they really exist, or if all that longevity talk is just a myth.
Let's also visit this magical forest and discover what is hidden there. Maybe, we will be on the verge of longevity, too, by finding the hidden objects.

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