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Rails to Discovery

Carol and Kenneth are two young enthusiasts, eager for a new adventure. So far they have been to many places and seen many things, but their desire to discover new things does not stop there. They are already at the train station in their city, together with their friends, ready for the new adventure that follows. This time, they want to travel across the country by train. This journey of theirs may take a long time, but it is a wonderful opportunity.
They will have the chance to stop at many places and visit countless interesting destinations that their country has to offer. For this interesting feat, Carol, Kenneth and their friends have been preparing for a long time. As easy as a trip like this may seem, even in this case impeccable organization is required because every trip is or can become unpredictable at some point.
Today is the day when the plan these young enthusiasts have will come true, so let's be friends and help them in what they are doing. And we should always be ready for a new adventure, right, because everything new can arouse new inspirations in us.

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