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Mystic Treehouse

We have to admit, that we all get our strength from where we come from. No matter how much we oppose our roots, no matter how much we want to be globalists, there will always be something that makes us unique precisely because we come from somewhere, that our ancestors stepped on that land and left traces that we feel today, who made us who we are today.
The wizards Christopher and Joseph, together with their granddaughter Karen, arrive in their village from where they came from. Their roots are right here, in this small, hidden magical village. They acquired all their powers in this place, but they also learned the recipes for their magic potions here. However, wizards are sure that this is not all that this village has to offer.
They are sure that there are many hidden secret recipes for romantic drinks and they are ready to find them. The desire to acquire new and stronger power is great, and they take on this challenge full of enthusiasm.Let's see where the witches' roots are and find out more about their magical village.

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