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Camping adventure

Donald and his family are campers. They see camping as an ideal way to rest and spend their free time. They love being in the fresh air in nature, but they also know all the secrets of camping. That's why Donald and his older daughter Sarah decided to go one step further. Namely, they decided to become the new owners of a camping resort.
This camping resort was very famous some time ago. The place used to be frequented by many people, but the attendance slowly began to decline. Donald and his daughter know that this is one of the most beautiful camping areas and believe they can restore the resort's glory, they just need to do it right. Their passion for camping leads them to this feat, and they believe that everything will return to the way it once was and the resort will return to its former glory.
Donald and Sarah call on their friends to help them rebuild the camping resort together. Let's get involved in this action and help.

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