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Missing Tour Guide

Usually, tourists are those who are afraid of getting lost in the place they visit. Yes, there are maps, there are locators, but there is always a slight sense of insecurity, what if we don't reach our group on time, what if we lose our way and can't find our way, what if we lose our documents? And the tour guide is usually the one who leads us and who shouldn't get lost, but...
Detective Heather and police officer Adam are on a mission in search of the lost tourist guide in their town. This tourist guide is known for its professionalism. He knows all the "hidden places" in the city, but it seems that something has happened, and now his trail is lost.
Namely, a group of tourists reports that the guide left them alone at the port and that now they don't know how to get back to the hotel. However, it is not so scary, they can find a way for them to get back. What is worse is what happened to the tourist guide? Let's get involved in the investigation and find out where the lost tourist guide is.

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