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Manor Garden Party

Living somewhere in nature is a great blessing, especially if that place is somewhere close to the city and has nice clean air and untouched nature. Lori, together with her husband and her son Lucas, lives on a beautiful property near the city. It is exactly such a place, where everyone enjoys nature and clean air, yet is close to the benefits of modern life.
But not only for living, the property is big enough to organize parties, in this case, Lucas' birthday. And the friends of this family love the parties that take place on the property. They can't wait to come there and enjoy the beauty but also use the beautiful fresh air.
Now, a birthday like a birthday requires a lot of preparations, and those preparations are not easy at all. First of all, you have to arrange the entire space, then you have to provide food and drinks, a sound system, then prepare the hosts... It's a big responsibility, that is for sure.Let's help Lori prepare for the birthday.

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