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Lost Loot

The life of a pirate is full of uncertainty. They are in eternal search for something, most often for some hidden treasure, and sometimes they need a map for that, while sometimes traveling itself leads them from one adventure to another, so they come to different discoveries.
The pirate James and his wife, the pirate Mary, are true adventurers who are always traveling from one place to another. This time, they decided to drop anchor on one of the deserted islands. They are aware that those islands are only seemingly deserted, or deserted to some extent, and they very often hide something.
This time, James and Mary accidentally discover the lost treasure that disappeared after the pirate ship Black Tide was destroyed by the royal troops. They knew about this case, but they could not even assume that the wealth could be right on this island. At the moment, they are happy about this unexpected loot and can't wait to find all the wealth and load it on their ship. Let's get involved in this interesting pirate adventure and find out more about the loot of the pirates James and Mary.

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