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Gondola Secrets

Venice is a top destination for many, a place they would love to visit. And indeed, the beautiful architecture, the canals, the gondolas, make this place truly unique. Let's not forget the famous Carnival in Venice, which gathers countless people from all over the world every year.
And Helen is one of those who are fascinated by Venice and the beauties of this wonderful place. However, she cannot be said to be an ordinary tourist. She arrives in Venice for the famous Venetian masquerade ball, and yes, she is here for fun, but she also has a concrete intention - to try to solve an ancient mystery about the hidden gold coins at the Gondoli harbor. There are rumors that these gold coins are hidden here, but their reach has not been confirmed. However, if someone confirms it, it might mean that the golden coins will not be here anymore.
According to Helen's knowledge, once in one of the gondolas, or around them, many valuable gold coins were hidden. She is determined, besides the party, to search the gondolas, hoping that she will find what she is looking for. Let's help her and see if the mystery about the gold coins is true or not.

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