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Fabled Forest

The sorceress Victoria and the forest fairy Cheryl face a very important mission. The fate of their nation depends on this mission, and that is why it is very important to complete this mission successfully. Those two come to the mysterious part of the Forest where the ghost huts are found. Rumors say, there is such a hut where the spirits of the people live, and many mystical and valuable objects can be found in it. Victoria and Cheryl want to come to this hut and try to ask the spirits to give them some mystical objects. According to knowledge, these items will help them to use magic to protect their people.
Let us, at least for the moment, become part of this magical adventure and help our volunteers in their mission. Let's see how they manage with the spirits and the communication with them, so we hope they will manage to protect their people and restore harmony among them. And this is a unique chance to get to know real wizards and real spirits.

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