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Garage Clues

What a thankless thing began to happen in this city that was once considered a peaceful and safe place. When the first car disappeared, everyone thought it was a coincidence, that some brazen thief had done so and so. No one expected that stealing cars would become an everyday thing here. Cars are stolen very often and the police seem powerless to track down the thieves. The thieves seem to be professional criminals, some who know how to cover their tracks really well.
Jack is just one of the unfortunate citizens of this town whose car has been stolen. He did not hope that the police would help him find his car, but the investigation took him into his own hands. His access tracks lead to a mechanical workshop at the edge of town. For all he knows, this could be where the stolen cars end up, and Jack will learn the truth very soon.
Let's join the investigation and find out what is happening in this city, but also help the investigation.

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