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Myths Unveiled

In this day and age, bad publicity can ruin one's career and even one's life. It's always been that way. Bad rumors about someone traveled very quickly, even when we didn't have ultra-fast internet or social networks that buzzed like hives when there was hot news about someone.
And the time when people believed in different gods was a time of myths. These myths were also spread among the people, sometimes to serve as a way of explaining things, sometimes as a way to denigrate someone. Eosia, Aetheria, and Thalassia, the three guardians of the temple of the gods, have the task of protecting the gods from false myths about them.
They are here to stop bad publicity, at the first moment of its potential appearance. Each of them has the task of discovering objects hidden by the gods and using them to prove that some of the myths about them are false. So they look for cover for everything, and when there is enough evidence, every claim is more relevant.Let's help Eosia, Aetheria, and Thalassia and see how they work.

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