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Forgotten Finds

Ah, those great house cleanings! For some, they are everyday life. We all know that some of us are constantly obsessed with tidying up the home, not letting a single small object be left in the wrong place, while others struggle with maintaining the basic obligations, overloaded with all the other treadmills that modern living imposes on us. Of course, both extremes are fine. as long as the home is clean enough.
Alice just got down to that job today - tidying up the house. She is determined to clean the house thoroughly, to maintain the hygiene of the home, but this time she has another task for herself, which is to find a few lost personal items. She believes that while cleaning, she will be able to find these items because she plans to move some things around. She believes that the items will appear from somewhere.
So let's join Alice in tidying up the home, but also in the search for lost items. This cleaning will not be so hard because it is always nicer to clean in company.

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