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Golf Club

Golf is a game played in an open field where golfers use different types of clubs to hit a golf ball into a hole. And yes, we can think that this game requires extreme precision, but it is much more than that - it involves precision, strategy, and of course, having fun outdoors. While playing, players exchange opinions, socialize, and launching the ball straight into the hole is just one part of all this.
George and Laura, together with their friends, decide that this weekend will be great for hanging out at the golf club, which is located near their park. They know about this club which looks like a nice place, but they are coming here for the first time, and for them, this will be a new adventure. They will play the game, but also hang out with their friends, having a great time.
Let's learn a little more about the rules of golf, and join this interesting adventure that consists of exploring the place and getting to know the club. After all, this is also a good idea for our next meeting with our friends, isn't it?

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