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Flower Market

Many of us are flower lovers, but not everyone knows how to grow them professionally. For that, you need to have more knowledge, but also a huge commitment because each plant requires proper care. It implies not only regular watering but also regular transplanting, fertilizing and enriching the soil, finding a suitable location where that flower will prosper best, etc.
Sarah and Donna are two friends who love flowers. Not only that they love flowers, but they even have a garden which may not be that big, but is optimal for growing flowers. One day, they decided that it would be good to start selling their flowers at the Flower Market. It may be difficult, to begin with, but they are aware that they have the skills to maintain continuous quality, and that is more than enough to begin with.
However, today is the first day on the market for the two friends, so let's help them successfully lay the foundation of their business.

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