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Lost in the Forest

It's wonderful when we spend our free time taking long walks in nature, not in malls or smoky cafeterias. Then we also enrich our spirit, in addition to breathing impeccably clean air and engaging in this type of physical activity. And although some underestimate this simple activity, it can sometimes change the course of our lives.
Olivia is one of those who love nature. She sometimes uses her free time to do a lot of research because she loves to discover new places and previously unseen locations. Today's walk brought Olivia a discovery. Walking around, she discovered a fairy-tale village, hidden deep in the forest. It is strange that, although the village looks like it is inhabited, no one lives in it.
Everything seems to be in the best order, as if everything is adapted to the regular course of life, but the inhabitants are gone?! All this intrigues Olivia, and she begins to explore the village. Сhe wants to find out what's going on here, so she starts investigating.

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