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Shop Assistants

Some know to underestimate the work of salespeople, but this is not right at all. Only those who have not tried it can reason like that, but all those who have tried it, or at least thought in more detail about what a salesperson's day looks like, know for sure what challenges he faces daily. Well, even more, if we are talking about a bigger store, a bigger supermarket, then the responsibilities are even bigger and more serious.
Alexis and Taylor are new shop assistants at the giant supermarket in their city. These young people really love their work, but today, they will face great challenges. Namely, today, for the first time, they are faced with a large number of customers, and we know that each of them has a specific desire to buy in this market. As shop assistants, Alexis and Taylor's job is to help customers find the items and products they want.
It means that their focus should be at a high level, so that they can respond quickly, that is, quickly remember what they are looking for, and offer it to the customer.Let's help them.

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