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Carnival Quest

Carnivals are hugely enjoyed by all, both old and young alike these places usually offer fun for all. Some rides in these parks are for smaller, some for small children, but those that are just for the patients, the "scarier" ones.
In the city where Amy and Gary amusement park is located. The carnival is being held near the city, and they are waiting for him to finish mounting, preparing, and going on a visit. This is the first time such a large amusement park has been set up nearby, so Amy and Gary can't wait to start exploring this fun park. They want to go to as many props as possible, so if they need to go to something more than once because they are really big fans of such places.
Let's take a look at the amusement park and see what has been brought. Are there props like this in our amusement parks, or is it something special? Let's join Amy and Gary in their fun and relax in the beauty of this carnival.

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