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Gym Makeover

In every job, after a certain period, things get old. What does that mean? Well, for example, you had an ultra-modern hairdressing studio 10 years ago, but now, new better quality hair dryers, new better appliances and so on have been invented.
You may have had a fancy school, but over time, wooden school boards have been replaced by plastic ones, credits have been replaced by felt-tip pens and modern projectors have been used. Appliances used in certain areas are now being replaced by smart appliances that include functions that we could not even imagine a while ago.It's the same in the fitness industry.
Adam is the owner of the fitness center one of the most beautiful in the city. However, after some time it is time to renovate the place, to give it some freshness, so it needs our help with all that. Adam intends to remove some of the objects that are there and replace them with new ones. Let's see what it's all about and help Adam.

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