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Dockside Detectives

Detectives Kenneth and Sandra are known for their many efforts to prevent crime. They are a great team and leave nothing to chance. However, those two are most famous for having prevented the largest illegal shipments of artifacts that smugglers try to smuggle into the cargo port of their city every day.
As usual, the cargo port is the place where such trades most often take place, and many times remain unnoticed, but Kenneth and Sandra are professionals who are always a few steps ahead of the criminals. They follow the channels of illegal trade and sometimes can notice things that even the customs officials can't notice, so they have a full-time jobs. However, justice is what guides them in their lives and their work, so nothing is difficult for these two detectives.
Just one such announcement about the illegal shipment has brought Kenneth and Sandra today, back to this cargo port. Let's see what's going on.

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