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Arabian Artifacts

Mia and her Arab friend Ashar arrive in the small town of Bakur. While there are people who want to profit from the national treasure and important artifacts, Ashar is one of the few who care about the national treasure and the historical objects that are part of the history of his people. The truth is that this is correct. Only like that, with the knowledge and care of history, one nation and one civilization can be preserved. But unfortunately, some do not distinguish that and only think of gaining profits...
Mia also cares about the national heritage and enters this mission without reservation. She is an archeologist and calls her friends to help her, together with Ashar to find some lost historical objects that are of great importance. They plan to display these items in the national museum, where they belong so that everyone can see what the small town of Bakur has to offer. The town is small, but its history is rich and worth sharing.
Let's be part of this interesting adventure and help our friends.

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