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Missing Masterpiece

Amelia is a truly ambitious artist. And while some artists are known for their bohemian way of life, Amelia is more of a scientist than a bohemian. She has a passion for research and wants to know everything about works of art, research about them, and about the artists who made them.
The young artist has been researching the life and work of her idol, the famous painter Marco, for a long time. Marco died a few years ago, but he left behind some very valuable works of art. These works are still well known and highly rated by the critics, but there is not a single picture that the critics consider a masterpiece, but they don't know where it is at the moment. She is considered missing. Amelia is determined to find out the mystery of this lost masterpiece.
She is willing to do even more research, to go wherever she has to, just to find out where this important work of art ended up. Maybe the artist himself gave it sometime before his death, which the public doesn't know about, but maybe someone got hold of this masterpiece illegally. Let's help Amelia.

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