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Fairytale Forest

Here we are, again in the world of fairy tales, this time in a fairy forest. Today with us are Kathleen, Angela, and their friend Eric the dwarf. The three arrive in the fairy forest together, but it is Eric who is affected by this forest, while Kathleen and Angela are there to help him.
Eric knows this forest very well, that is, he was born there, and he lived there for some time, but as a child, together with his family, he was expelled from that place. Now, the fairy forest is ruled by the evil wizard George, and Eric still feels revolted by what happened to him, so he wants to right this injustice and take revenge on George. Kathleen and Angela, like true friends, are here to help their friend, so they follow him every step of the way.
Let's see what's going on in the fairy forest, and maybe we'll meet the evil wizard in person. Let's find out why Eric was expelled, but also, help him get his justice. This may not be easy, but it is certainly worth it. Let's not waste time.

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