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Dress to Impress

Well, there is mass production and brands that dictate casual fashion and that is ok, they suit our everyday lifestyle and make us look modern and urban. But actually, the biggest ambition of all fashion designers is Prêt-à-porter. They dream about designing clothes for some occasions, clothes to be worn at the Oscars by some important celebrities, formal wear, and so on.
Isabella is a young and savvy fashion designer with a single mission in life - to make clothes that leave a lasting impression. She's recently been contracted by the top fashion mogul in town to whip up a new ballroom gown, unlike any other. And that is probably the biggest challenge in her career so far. She is prepared to invest all her skills and creativity in this challenge because she knows that it will be in the spotlight and everyone will talk about it on the occasion and after that.
There is one issue, though; Isabella can't find her materials! She must gather her things or she won't be able to make a dress that will impress. Let's help her.

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