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Unseen Stories

It seems that the entire world of media operates largely on the principle of exclusivity. It will be announced that someone has some exclusive news, something that no one else knows, and which has been obtained by some relevant but secret sources, and whoops, immediately we have clicks and visits. Unfortunately, sometimes the essential news can stay in the background at the expense of that exclusive, but in the world of media, there is such a constant struggle.
Andrea and her friend Terry are journalists who usually investigate the field. Both of them work in a well-known TV station that specializes in news. This week, Andrea was supposed to release several stories that would shock the public, but the materials from the stories mysteriously disappeared. Yes, sometimes such things happen in these necessary media games - news is stolen just to be the first in the reporting and thus to get a bigger audience.
Let's learn more about the rules that govern the world of mediums and help Andrea and Terry confirm their exclusivity in sharing these unseen stories.

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