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Cuban Journey

Well, Cuba is definitely one of the most interesting and exotic places in the world - we have to admit that. Even if we have never visited this place before, we know a lot about it from the media, from the movies or their traditional music. They are so specific and likable, so almost everyone is caught by their incredible attractiveness.
In today's game, we will meet one girl whose name is Shirley and who has Cuban origins. However, besides her origins, Shirley has never been to Cuba before, but this year, she decided to take a vacation and go there for the first time. She wants to get to know the place where her parents come from and spend some time there, which is nice.
We believe this will be one of the best vacations Shirley has ever had and, she will have an amazing time in Cuba. She will learn something more about his origin and explore this beautiful country that captivates with its beauty. Let's join Shirley in her new adventure and see what is expecting her in Cuba.

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